Remote jobs are picking up again. So how do you get one?

Remote jobs are picking up again. So how do you get one?

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First, we need to cover the remote work part of today's episode.

Remote jobs, up or down?

While the tech sector is trying its best to fight remote work and get many people back into the office, the trend is not dying.

While there are many layoffs, still happening, it is absolutely possible to land remote jobs. It all depends on how you handle your online presence, your Linkedin, your networking, and your projects and interviews.

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Googleโ€™s $99 a night company hotel advertises โ€œno commuteโ€ as a perk
They do know that working at home also has no commute, right?

The question then becomes, how can we, as developers/people in tech, secure those highly sought-after remote positions?

Types of remote jobs

and how to land them, skills required, etc.

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