If you are here from X / Twitter

If you are here from X / Twitter
Photo by Julian Christ / Unsplash

Hey friends!

If you came here from X / Twitter, please say hi in the comment section of this blog post.

Introduce yourself, and add your Twitter profile link. I will retweet the latest joiners or say hi on your Twitter profile!

If you want, you can also refer people to my newsletter. If you have done so, please send me a DM + Twitter profile of the one you have referred. If they are subscribed, you will get a free Twitter profile review (if you want).

Don't forget to follow DevAtTheBeach for the latest updates and giveaways!

I will be doing my first 5 courses giveaway when I reach 500 subscribers soon!
(or something equivalent for the more experienced devs!)

Thank you, see you soon.

PS: Developer At The Beach EP 3 coming tomorrow!
PSS: If you're here from anything other than Twitter, say hi as well!